Our primary vision and mission as part of the SustNet Group of companies is to foster a more sustainable world through innovation by developing smart technology service systems for a seamless cradle to cradle experience

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DID YOU KNOW? The organic waste landfill ban is in conjunction with a liquid waste to landfill ban. This means that organizations need to find solutions to cost effectively manage these streams.

Expert sustainability and
eco-innovation consulting services

Used cooking oil collection for our bio-diesel production plant

Bio-diesel supply and
delivery service

Fast, reliable and efficient waste disposal sites

Value-added processing and provision of innovative technological solutions customized for your site

We plan to expand our
waste conversion hubs, which are decentralized technological plants,
that treat waste effluents on site,
and treat water to acceptable water quality standards.

How we dispose of waste
requires radical systemic
innovation and transition

We aim to foster a more
sustainable world through

Our goal is to build and network of decentralized smart waste conversion hubs across South Africa and in the process creating jobs, harnessing renewable fuel feed stocks and developing biofuels and energy from waste.

Pieter van Heyningen [Group CEO]


Our vision is to develop innovative technologies and smart service systems for sustainable development, in the waste, water, energy and agricultural sectors.


Our mission is to transition waste, water, energy and agricultural systems towards sustainability through the development and implementation of technology and smart service systems in Africa and Globally.

Kulu Eco-Services is a subsidiary of SustNet (Pty) Ltd;
and a sister company to Kulu Biofuels (Pty) Ltd. 

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8b Cavi Centre, Corner of BP Street & Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town

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The PAIA and POPI Acts are available online at www.gov.za/documents/acts
THE Company’s POPIA policy and Section 51 PAIA Manual are available at the offices and requests can be made to Kulu Eco-Services.