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Kulu Eco-services is focused on waste, water, energy and food systems

We are currently developing new and innovative technologies in this field. The first of which was developed through seeking to solve fat and grease build up in sewers.

We transform various sources of waste into renewable energy and fuels, through our international partnerships and our sister company Kulu Biofuels. Our focus is also to treat a wide array of waste effluents, through utilizing a suite of different water and waste management technologies and services.

Waste Conversion Hubs

The Challenge

Waste is inevitable. However, how we treat waste, and how we dispose of it requires radical systemic innovation and transition management. Part of transition management, is getting people to understand the possibility of change, and being able to implement new technologies, and systems that can in fact solve sustainability challenges. Often saving time and money too!

Hence one part of the challenge is choosing the right technological solution, for your organization, whereas the other important facet is mindset and behaviour change.

We offer a range of services to clients, utilizing an innovative approach to problem solving. We start however, with identifying the challenges, and thereafter.

Current Hub Sites

Corona Farms –
Central Waste Conversion Hub

Corona farms form part of reliance compost’s operations. Our hub is located on their property and forms part of a joint partnership on developing sustainable solutions for waste beneficiation in the Western Cape.

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8b Cavi Centre, Corner of BP Street & Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town

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079 294 4390

The PAIA and POPI Acts are available online at www.gov.za/documents/acts
THE Company’s POPIA policy and Section 51 PAIA Manual are available at the offices and requests can be made to Kulu Eco-Services.

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