Our focus is also to treat a wide array of waste effluents, through utilizing a suite of different water and waste management technologies and services. It is our aim to introduce smart monitoring devices to ensure optimal measurements and real-time data capturing of various installations from waste, to waste to energy.

Your waste is our resources.

We are an accredited organic waste disposal facility.

Expert sustainability and
eco-innovation consulting services

Used cooking oil collection for our bio-diesel production plant

Bio-diesel supply and
delivery service

Fast, reliable and efficient waste disposal sites

Value-added processing and provision of innovative technological solutions customized for your site

Grease trap disposal

Food Service Establishments (FSE’s) produce large amounts of waste FOG (fat, oil and grease). Despite using grease traps, which are a legal requirement, a large proportion of this FOG ends up in kitchen drains and municipal sewer lines, resulting in costly clean up expenses and fines for kitchen owners and municipalities. These traps must be regularly cleaned, and the waste collected and disposed of in designated landfills. This process is expensive and time consuming as it involves pre-treatment of the waste prior to depositing into the landfill.

Furthermore there are few landfills that accept this waste, with pending legislation to ban all liquid/organic waste in landfill over the next 5-10 years. This requires alternatives, which our hub will provide in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Our hubs and plants will be able to process the majority of liquid and organic wastes in the near future including but not limited to:





Used cooking oil
(Filtering and dewatering to reduce FFA degradation)

Grease Trap waste
(Often classified as semi-hazardous waste)

Fossil fuels, used motor oils
(Hydorcarbons are regarded as hazardous waste and need to be treated on a licensed hazardous waste site)

Fatty food and animal fats waste, and residues
(Brine, salts and other liquid wastes)

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The PAIA and POPI Acts are available online at
THE Company’s POPIA policy and Section 51 PAIA Manual are available at the offices and requests can be made to Kulu Eco-Services.

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